Daily Painting January 12, Luxury Fekete Kutya stretched out

It is a well know fact that the Fekete Kutya dog is capable of rolling up into a very tiny ball, as well as stretching out to enormous length thereby enabling them to take up at least half of a king sized bed…

Oil on panel, quite small, but I haven’t measured it yet


Daily painting: R’lyeh

In R’lyeh, where dead Cthulhu dreams

Oil on Panel, 6” x 6”


Have you read H P Lovecraft? I like his stories. Many are about ”the old ones”, creatures from other worlds, from the stars, the Yog-Shoggoths and Cthulhu. He’s always very coy about describing the creepy. It’s always ”the un-namable” ”the un-describable horror” and I think a horror story is always the better for a bit of reticence.
He also likes the word ”eldritch” a lot.

The ancient city of R’lyeh lies somewhere under the sea near Antarctica. It is constructed of strangely worked stones build in ”strange angles”. And somewhere below that city dead Cthulhu sleeps, and when he wakes up we are all pretty much doomed.
The first time the city of R’lyeh was mentioned was in ”The Call of Cthulhu”.

Sub Irrigation Planters! Part 1

Yep, after visiting Washington and seeing the sites, and especially, tons of art! I am spending my time building SIPs, or Sub Irrigation Planters!
I have to do this now because the summer’s hitting and it’s really impossible to keep plants alive in summer here without some kind of automatic irrigation.

So here’s the plan, Part 1 replace the window boxes on the balcony. Part 2 the window boxes in front of my studio windows, Part 3 build a roof garden on top of the house on the deck.

Part 1


I made two boxes which fit exactly between the walls. Painted them a dark weathered grey and lined them with pond liner. They are just wide enough for two perforated drainage tubes and space for the wicking mixture. On the top right you can see the overflow tube, this ensures an air pocket. Very important to stop the roots from getting waterlogged.

Trying it out with one of my old window boxes to give it the plant effect .


The boxes are watered on the other side via these bottles, which are screwed inside the drainage pipes. The boxes are now filled with the wicking mix, peat moss and vermiculite.


And then keep on filling with a mix of peat moss, vermiculite and potting mix. And the old earth from my window boxes. And some azomite for minerals, and ecological fertilizer.


Trial placement of the plants, I replanted the good ones I had and added new ones.


Add more potting mixture, add lots of water to fill those reservoirs and saturate the rather dry mix, and it’s finished!


And: Enjoy. Relax on the lounge couch with the Luxury Fekete Kutya.


I love it so much! I just have to have another look a couple of times a day!


New wall shelves!

I made them myself!
I love minimal simple wall shelves, I was very fond of the Ribba shelves at Ikea, but they have been discontinued, and what they have instead is, as usual, an inferior product. I will not start ranting about Ikea, I feel they are letting us down.

I couldn’t buy anything I liked so decided to make my own. They were meant for the daily paintings, so they needed to be pretty minimal, as in small, and no visual impact.

So when I was at the diy-store, looking at wood and stuff, I saw these corner covers! (No idea what they are named in real) They were much smaller than I had planned, but I realized, these were even better! The only thing they needed was an extra rim… no problem, next to them were the perfect tiny square dowels! So, stick ’em together, sand, paint, sand, paint, sand, paint… drill a few holes, attach to the wall…

And VoilĂ !

wall shelves for paintings

Two Chow Chows

This is a painting from some years ago, I got a commission to paint two ChowChows. It was the first time I met real ChowChows!

I made some sketches and photographs and went home. I needed to think this over, when I first met them these ChowChows seemed like giant fur balls with the only difference a slight shift in the colour. But they were dogs with distinctive personalities. And the more I looked at them the more detail I saw, the more their own personality did show.

The owner was happy, which makes me happy.

It is a smallish painting, 10” by 10”, acrylic on painters board. Or marouflĂ© as I prefer to call it, sounds far more ”chique” don’t you think?.


Daily painting, the Tarq enjoying a good roll

The Tarq is doing so well! He is very happy, he is enjoying himself, and apart from me having to give him his snacks, apples and carrots, in his trough, you’d never know anything has ever happened!

He is finally shedding his winter coat. He is looking very shabby now, And so I spend a lot of time brushing him. After which he needs to get a bit more of a bohemian look back. That’s what I think. Otherwise…


I used a really limited palette for this painting,


Yet look at the range of colours!

Daily Painting, Two Great Danes

Two great Danes on an 8” x 8” panel!


Oil on painter’s board, 8” x8”

This was fun to paint! And this proves my theory: As soon as something is fun it is also good. I went all daring with large brushes, and I love the shapes of Great Danes. The spotted one has such a sweet expression on her face.
I used M. Graham oil paints, a new discovery for me. I love them, beautiful top quality paints.
I used a very minimal palette, set up with white, yellow, red, umber and blue, With these you can mix all the colors you need