The Dallas Aquarium

My latest project, The Dallas aquarium! We went to the Aquarium and I saw S and A and I was struck by the colors, the difference in light, the influence to the two different light sources, and the beauty of the image itself of course.

I wanted to capture this image, this light! So I made a sketch, then a watercolor sketch, and then I brought a humongous canvas to paint it on.

The sketch:



  1. The whole emigration thing, selling my house, getting my stuff here, moving house here, stuff arriving and having to unpack them, getting the flu a few times… Got into the way of blogging big time. We also couldn’t keep up Carol’s blog, most of the work was done by me, and I was tired of the negativity aimed at me.
    I am now getting organized again, and will blog about twice a week. My horse is doing very well here, and there will be updates about him too!

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