To contact the artist, get her up, and put her to work…


You can also schedule a discovery meeting with me on zoom for all kinds of things from commissions to art courses, if you select this link.


  1. Hoi Aafke,
    Ik heb je naam gewoon op google gezet en voila………..
    Hartstikke leuk je gevonden te hebben. Check out my site. Ik woon nu al geruime tijd in de States en ja, ik ben getrouwd met een Amerikaan.
    De site is van mijn husband maar ik heb een aantal kunstwerken die je kunt zien. Natuurlijk krijg ik mijn eigen site.

  2. Ik heb ook in Nederlands gewoont. In Eindhoven! Ik sprek ook Deutsch, klein betje Nederlands, French & English. Ik woont in Palo Alto, CA.

    I am endeavoring to bring my memoir up to publishable level. My primary location is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for my book. Check out my website

    I love Aafe-Art and the beautiful pix of girl on a horse.

    Totsiens nu!


    1. Ik heb je email gelsen…ik wil ook ein heel outstekende website for cultural understanding between East and West…hoping to help be one of the many bridges to help link. Can i post your website on my blog. Come on over.


  3. Hello

    You comment very positvely on my comment. I am curious Afke Weller have you been to Malaysia or the far east? Would love to meet you in person.

    Warmest Regard


  4. Hi, I am very interested in purchasing the happy flower painting. i tried looking online but did not find anything, is there a way for me to purchase a copy of this?
    thank you

    1. Hi Jackie. Thank you for you interest.
      I do not have copies, but you can buy the original painting for €80,- plus postage and packing. I don’t know where you live so I don’t know how much that will be.
      You can pay me with PayPal.
      I have large paintings for which I charge €1500,- and up
      On commissions the charge varies due to the nature and cost of the commission.
      The small diary series are all €80,-
      Postage depends on where I have to send it.

  5. I have seen your posts on a blog that I have recently began to read … It is a breath of fresh air to see you post your views…. an enlightening view…. and your art is also breath taking.

    I wish you much luck with your art you are truly talented and look forward to reading more of your posts.


  6. Oh, Aafke, I didn’t realize you didn’t feel well. Everyone seems to have an allergy cough etc. Beverly said you will be able to get together for lunch next week- let me know what you decide- I’m taking us to Rosa’s. If that doesn’t work out for you, I will meet you or drop off your gift. LOVE the new jewelry you had on! Kathy

  7. he aafke,alles goed gegaan zaterdag?ik heb je spullen in je kast gelegd(halsband en jasje)hier toch nog de webside waar ik t over groetjes jeanette(van zeppelin)

  8. Hello Aafke,
    I found this wedding announcement to the following site:
    I noticed that the picture of the horse on the card is your work.
    Maybe it’s an order?
    I do not know if this is normal but as an illustrator myself I wanted to warn you because sometimes some people steal other people’s work.
    your work is very beautiful and delicate.


  9. Wohohohooooo! Amelie! Thank you for alerting me! These people have definitely stolen my artwork!!!!
    Thank you!
    I have written them a strong worded mail, let’s see if they answer it, otherwise I will have to see if I can get the lawyers of my art-association to go after them.

  10. Aafke-Art:

    I don’t care at all if you do not like me. I was carrying on a conversation with Carol; trying to cheer her up. And yes, my story is true.

    1. Hi Gwendolyn, Well that’s great that you don’t care if I don’t like you, so I can keep on not liking you as much as I like.
      Or don’t like.
      Well, since you are in my own living room I will tell you what I think of you: I think you are making up stories to get attention. And your stories are ridiculous, you keep making shit up to get more attention and it gets even more ridiculous. You haven’t even done enough research to make your stories in any way acceptable. I think you are a pest to my friends blog. Trolling somebody’s blog is not going to make anybody happy. You are a troll. I will be at your throat every time you make another stupid nonsense imaginary attention seeking spam comment.

      Why not be honest and make honest comments? You will find out people will appreciate you for who you really are very easily. There is no need to make up stuff. Be honest and you will be liked. And you will feel much better for being liked for yourself, than for the fictitious, mad, religiously insane personality you made up. You will be happier. Start over again, make up a new pseudonym and be yourself, find out how many people will like the real you, see how much better your cyberlife will be.

  11. Hallo Aafke,
    Alles goed?
    IK hoorde dat je weer in Amerika bent,heel veel plezier!
    Ook hoorde ik dat je je zadelkast wel wilt verkopen..een vriendin van mij is op zoek naar n kast.
    Als je terug bent in Nederland kunnen we wel even contact hebben.
    Groet Jeanette van Zeppelin

  12. I hope this doesn’t repeat: The painting of the four pegusus is wonderful, magical. You have a beautiful talent.

  13. Just a brief thank you from an Internet surfer. I was reading a blog in which you featured prominently in the comments section, making a strong and well-worded, dignified stand for atheism and against the misogyny and clannishness that goes hand in hand with religion. I was like damn, who is this commenter? I must marry her immediately!

    Thank you for speaking up so eloquently and forcefully.

    1. Hi Marcel, commenting here is a good start. If you mail me at zebroidart @ you can specify, or give me your phone number so I can call you, in the afternoon because I live in America now and the time difference is about 7 hours.

  14. Hello, I would like to commission a portrait of my Arabian mare. Can you give me an idea of how you work? Such as, can you work from photographs? Can I specify the medium I would prefer?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Frances, thanks for commenting on my blog. I work in several mediums and for a commission you can of course specify which medium you prefer. I would love to paint your mare. I do work from photos, although I prefer to work from life, but often that is not possible. So what I then do is ask for a lot of photos, and some information about your horse. And then I would make some sketches, and you would look at them and tell me which ones capture your horse best, not just her looks but her character and presence. Because I have never met your horse I need to rely on you to for this, I think horses have as distinct a personality as people. We would also settle the type of painting, would it be a straightforward portrait, or in a setting, what mood, type of light, etc. Anything is possible.

  15. I have two of your paintings that I would like to sell. I have tried to contact you by email but it always gets returned. Please contact me and I can send you the pictures of the paintings and you can tell me the value of them. Thank you.

    1. Hi Letha, Send me the picture of the art works and their dimensions and I’ll see what I can do.
      Send them to: zebroidart – @ –
      (spaces added to avoid spam robots finding my address)

  16. Hi Aafke, I want to buy some of your work for decorating our guest houses. I am interested in the series Sketches from the horse fair. Can we discuss this per phone or e-mail?

  17. Hello! This site is mostly devoted to your paintings, but I was wondering if you have any further information about the Scythian saddle you made? It is absolutely stunning.

  18. Hi Sarah,I made the Scythian saddle using examples from books and seeing some for real in a museum exhibition. Unfortunately there are very few books about the Scythians. There was also a documentary on Discovery about the mummies from the Takla Makan, and they showed and handled a saddle buried there which also gave me a good idea of what to aim for. I suggest you google, and try Amazon.

  19. Request for Relaxing Music Review – “Calm Within”

    Dear Aafke-Art,

    After looking over your wonderful reviews at, I wanted to reach out and ask if you might be willing to consider writing a review for my new relaxing music CD “Calm Within.”

    I am a Grammy winning composer in the New Age genre (2014 Grammy win for “Best New Age Album.”)

    May I send you a free digital download of my CD “Calm Within?” I would very much like to share it with you, if that would be okay.

    Here is where the album appears on It will be live for reviews when it is released on December 11th, and I can send you the download now.

    Thank you so very much for your time and consideration.

    Laura Sullivan

    1. Hi Laura! I am tickled pink that you like my reviews! I love music, and would love to listen to your new CD. The title ”Calm within” sounds very inspiring already. I always listen to music while I am painting, it helps me concentrate. It seems that the painting and music listening are in different parts of my brain, I need both, music is very, very important to me.

      Yes, please send me the CD! My address is: zebroidart @

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