The Winterking

No, not the creepy (but quite beautiful) Night King of Game of Thrones, but a real Winter King you might see in the forest if you are lucky!
This is a water colour painting. I am a sucker for cute notebooks, sketch books, Aquarel Books… And this one has a very cool shape as well! I prefer to work in a non- ”golden ratio” format, much more interesting, and it’s great that you can get watercolour blocks in other sizes!

winterking block

I made a very thin line drawing before I started painting, I did the background first, leaving the paper blank where snow adheres to the branches. I tried to keep everything quite loose. The most fun bit is the bird itself of course.

Winter king



      1. I just looked and I loved it! I also liked your Facebook page this morning so I can see more of your beautiful work as you post it. I think about our past years when we met on the blogs especially Carol’s. I was telling someone about her not long ago. I miss chatting there and reading her posts.

        Hope you are doing well! Still in Texas? Good to see a couple new posts!

  1. yes, still in Texas and I have been woefully negligent of my blog. This has changed! And more exciting news will be coming this month!
    I miss Carol too. I was cleaning up my files and found the photo of our first get-together: Carol, the Q and me all behind our laptops. Carol always considered herself the catalyst which brought us together and she was very proud of it!

  2. PS, I’m on Instagram too, I have actually been doing more posting on Instagram and Facebook, because it’s so quick and easy, just from the phone when you’re waiting somewhere.
    But a blog is really better because it allows you to write more and add links.

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