New wall shelves!

I made them myself!
I love minimal simple wall shelves, I was very fond of the Ribba shelves at Ikea, but they have been discontinued, and what they have instead is, as usual, an inferior product. I will not start ranting about Ikea, I feel they are letting us down.

I couldn’t buy anything I liked so decided to make my own. They were meant for the daily paintings, so they needed to be pretty minimal, as in small, and no visual impact.

So when I was at the diy-store, looking at wood and stuff, I saw these corner covers! (No idea what they are named in real) They were much smaller than I had planned, but I realized, these were even better! The only thing they needed was an extra rim… no problem, next to them were the perfect tiny square dowels! So, stick ’em together, sand, paint, sand, paint, sand, paint… drill a few holes, attach to the wall…

And Voilà!

wall shelves for paintings


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