Daily Painting

There is this ”Daily Painting” movement. I tried it a few years ago and really liked it, but what with marrying, moving three times, emigrating and everything else, I couldn’t keep it up.

Well… From this week I am starting afresh. It is fun, it is manageable, and it invites you to try new things.
I have also started an Etsy store, I will put everything up for sale (at very decent prices) at the Etsy store.

I have tried this little oval, Antar asleep in the car seat. Oil on Canvas


So from today I should post every day. A small painting, oils or water colour, or even a project.

Or… if life has been cruel, a page from my journal. I am spending more time with my journal too!

Here’s a journal page from last week!
The Tarq is doing good!


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