What to wear when riding in winter

It’s winter, it’s cold, and due to the slipperiness we don’t do much trotting and galloping. So dressing well is important.

  1. Sportsbra, sportslip, and tanktop
  2. Thermal underwear, top and pants
  3. Pullover, ridingbreeches and socks
  4. Jumper, thick woollen socks
  5. Shawl, wintercoat and thermo-ridingboots, and thin gloves
  6. Thermo-over-breeches and thick gloves, and russian fur-hat

Now riding in the winter is quite comfortable!
The result:

Tarq is very bored, not much to do in the meadow, no ”ludicrousspeed” when riding out, and he is in full winterfur! He looks so cute! Until his bad bored mood comes through! He’s also fat because there’s nothing to do….


  1. It doesn’t get quite that cold here but we do dress pretty warm. Definitely sports undies and thermals. Then a pair if jeans or riding pants, t-shirt and sweatshirt, a warm hat, thermal socks, boots, insulated gloves. And we’re off! No ice here. Well rarely so one can run across the pasture. Exhilarating. Meanwhile a hot bowl of soup awaits in the kitchen.

  2. Well, it’s such a moodkiller if you are frozen so I like to make sure I am very comfortable πŸ˜‰ The light and landscape was magical! You should have been there to make photos.
    Mine are just snapshots.
    We can aso ride over the fields once the harvest is in! but now everything is too much frozen.
    Hot peasoup is the traditional fare here after wintersports!

  3. aah yes good tutorial, you look toasty warm under all that. We do go fo a walk now and then int he snow so a couple layers that’s all. when we were younger adn the kids wanted out in the snow we would get all bundled up and spend hours outside.. nowadays my bones seem to creak in the cold πŸ™‚
    so i watch the snow from inside — and make F go showel — all for his good health of course.
    really miss my son and his snow showelling/blowing services this winter.. ahh we don’t appreciate good help when it’s free do we.

  4. This definitely doesn’t apply to me πŸ™‚ But I love snow,just watching it is thrilling!
    Are you saying that you’ve got to wear all those clothing to keep warm?

  5. Dear Aafke,

    I’m sorry answering you so late, but after looking quite good at your photos, i must agree that it is a little bit regretfull of not being with you in the snow.

    Next sunday-morning, to-morrow I still have not the intention to go for a ride.

    Greetings John and his horse Dior

  6. Radha, it’s so sweet of you to be so careful of F’s health, and to send him outside shovelling snow! What would men do without us to look after their wellbeing. 😈

    Susanne thank you πŸ™‚

    Lat, Yes, I have to wear all of that to stay, not warm, let’s call it ”comfortable”
    It’s still very cold….

    John, I am glad to have sparked some regrets. I will get you both next sunday!

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