Daily Painting, Roy

A small sketch in pen, with water colors, of Roy,

This is my favorite technique for my sketchbook. This is pretty fast so good for work-on-the-go. I don’t have too much bulky stuff in my travel gear, and you still have precision and colour. Of course you can also work just in pen or water colours, but this is fast and it looks good.
At least that’s how I think about it.

In this case I used a drawing pen. The Sakura Pigma Micron 03 in black. These have been favorite pens for years. I have them in black and sepia. Very reliable and water proof. So you can add a water colour wash.
The water colours are my trusted Winsor and Newton watercolor set, the same one I have been lugging around with me for 20 years now!


The Tarq is good to go!


The vet has been and Tarq’s tongue, what’s left of it, looks very good! Everything is healthy, no infection, and at least the skin is growing over the torn end. Which means he can have all his normal food and hay again!

Which is very good because the stuff we were giving him was not at all good for him. Way too much sugars and proteins!

Tarq is very happy too.

Dallas Aquarium, the color sketch

Look at this fun development of the color sketch!
The thing was to find out if I could get this juxtaposition of light right.
(See the black and white sketch here)

There are two worlds overlapping here. There is the world of water, where color is subdued into a greenish bluish palette, and everything is diffuse. And then there is the world of air with sharp contrast, also in the lighting, warm lamps and stark shadows.
Só fascinating!

A white piece of water color paper and the figures of the world of air.


The fish and rocks are sketched in,


The water world is colored in. I thought it worked.


Next installment will be the preparation and the base painting on the gigantic canvas!

Artist at work

I am still not finished with my Pasadena works. But it is always so busy as soon as you come home, with work waiting, mountains of post to go through, problems to be solved and heavy metal festivals to go to… (Yes, did some sketches and they will be posted!)

Anyway, I loved the Huntington Botanical gardens and especially the Chinese Garden! This is a proper Chinese Garden, with a balance between Ying and Yang observed in all details.

I painted the lotus flowers there, here you can see them in the background while I am making a water color sketch.

Going home!

This aquarelle has been painted to celebrate our successful rally to collect the money needed to bring a dear friend’s cats back to her.
Carol had to leave her cats behind as she and her husband left Riyad for Houston to continue his cancer treatment. Carol is now battling her own cancer and she misses her cats very much.
Over a period of three days we managed to get the funds together to bring her her old friends, and of course many people in America and Saudi Arabia have put in lots of work to get the cats the chips, vaccinations and travel papers they need.
I was planning to made a small pencil sketch (I did those late at night) to update people on how far we got. In the end only three days sufficed and I made only two sketches.

As we succeeded in collecting the money needed I celebrated with this sketch, which is used to illustrate the post announcing our success.
The two cats, Tripod and Saheeba will arrive in America next Saturday!

Lotus in Pasadena

Still in Pasadena, and have been at the Huntington Library and botanical gardens.
I haven’t seen all yet, but until now my favorite spot is the Chinese Garden.

Real lotuses, delightful!
Acccording to Buddhism,
”Like a lotus flower that grows out of the mud and blossoms above the muddy water, we can rise above the defilements and sufferings of life.”

Pasadena Lotus
6” x 6”
Acrylic on painters board

Pasadena Pidgeon

I have spend three days in succession running around Pasadena. Although, stumbling around in the debilitating heat would be a better description.
Here is another sketch of one of the small towers of the Pasadena Town Hall.

And I have also been to the Pacific Asia Museum.
This is a nice museum, and the building alone is worth while going there.
Tomorrows painting will be a detail of the roof!

And last Saturday the Q dropped me off at the Huntington. This is very expensive, but very worthwhile, lots of great art, different pavillions with exhibits, and beautiful gardens!

In the chinese garden the Lotuses were in bloom.

And I have been to a good art-shop, Blick, in Pasadena, and brought a starter set acrylic paint, and some small painters boards. I am now making a small painting of some Pasadena detail which cought my fancy every day.

While I was making the sketch of the urn at the Pasadena Town Hall, I saw this cute pidgeon!

Pasadena Pidgeon
Acrylic on painters board
6” x 6”


At the moment I am in Pasadena, and I have been roaming around and finding some good things to draw. I have brought a new diary/sketchbook, And here’s my first entry, the courtyard of the Pasadena Town Hall. I wanted to paint the fountain, but wehen I started looking at the scene I was mesmerized by the light and reflections on one of the urns around it. This only happens between 9.30 and 10.30, so I had to come back a second time to finish the sketch.

5” x 7”
aquarelle on paper