Pasadena Pidgeon

I have spend three days in succession running around Pasadena. Although, stumbling around in the debilitating heat would be a better description.
Here is another sketch of one of the small towers of the Pasadena Town Hall.

And I have also been to the Pacific Asia Museum.
This is a nice museum, and the building alone is worth while going there.
Tomorrows painting will be a detail of the roof!

And last Saturday the Q dropped me off at the Huntington. This is very expensive, but very worthwhile, lots of great art, different pavillions with exhibits, and beautiful gardens!

In the chinese garden the Lotuses were in bloom.

And I have been to a good art-shop, Blick, in Pasadena, and brought a starter set acrylic paint, and some small painters boards. I am now making a small painting of some Pasadena detail which cought my fancy every day.

While I was making the sketch of the urn at the Pasadena Town Hall, I saw this cute pidgeon!

Pasadena Pidgeon
Acrylic on painters board
6” x 6”


  1. Actually I did suffer from the heat. Heat is not my thing. That’s why I like it in the Netherlands, heat is rare…
    Never mind, I still managed to do some work as you can see!

  2. Pasadena is probably my favorite city in Southern California. I have spent so much time there and even went to Pasadena City College to finish up a course for nursing school. And the Huntington…so glad you got so spend some time there.

  3. I love Pasadena. I am leaving tomorrow and now I am sorry I did not make many more drawings, the shopfronts are so lovely!

    And I loved the Huntington. I went again today, and made more sketches and watercolours. I will never be bored while in Pasadena. The weather was much better today as well, so I had a great time 🙂

  4. Ingrid, yes, and the last days were so hectic!
    And before I came I thought i would have so much time!
    I am sorry now we didn’t get to meet. 😦
    I am back in the Netherlands since a few days but have been ill.

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