Sketches from England

I’ve been on a short break in England. So instead of diary paintings I have been making sketches. And photographing them and I am now writing from one of the many café’s with wifi! 🙂

The sketches are photographed at dark in the café!


I stayed with an Indian friend and she took me to some sari-shops where we looked at super dazzling indian costume jewellery! And I got some very huge prandis, the decoration for your plait. I am going to use them to make some show decorations for the Tarq!





There were a couple of really nice art cafés in Derby! I had no idea!


A ten minute sketch, because we were having tea at M&S and they wanted to close so we got kicked out! Mark this face: Shivanna, future Pop star!
Hmmm. What about Captain Kabob and Shivanna for a mega-star-duo?


Now my friend lives in what could be called: The Stately home triangle. It’s really palace-central! There are so many sites I want to see all at her doorstep! Upton hall, Hardwick hall, Chatsworth, Haddon Hall, Peveril Castle, Kedleston Hall (Adam interiors) and Calke Abbey.

Unfortunately, all these places are closed since last week!!!!!!!!
So we just roamed about the park a bit at Calke Abbey.
This is the deer shelter


And although not nearly as good as the house itself, which is something of a time capsule, the outbuildings were quite cool. But, being cold and windy, I did a sketch from the comfort of the restaurant.



  1. I’m becoming a great fan of your glue brush paintings, they have a Picasso / Van Gogh kind of energy, and I love the way a few strokes capture the alertness and liveliness of your horses!

    Safe travels, hope you get lots of great inspirations. 🙂

  2. Susanne, it’s my friend’s niece…
    But my friend is just as pretty!

    Lat, although more hobby as art-work, I will put them up when finished!

    intlxpatr, Thank you! I am back, but I had an upste stomach, very bad cramps. Anyway all better now, but a few days behind on my diary paintings.

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