29 October

Next February we are going to have a side-saddle weekend. It’s one of our regular ponycamps with lessons. for the booklet I have been asked to make a drawing. But I have to do my diary painting too. It’s getting too busy!

So why not combine the two.
So here’s my painting for the day!
This was a famous circus rider in the nineteenth century.

29 October sidesaddle riding

4 thoughts on “29 October

  1. Sooo beautiful! Who is this lady,do you know? Is she actually ‘posing’ as the horse leaps into the sky? 🙂 Or is this only your version?

  2. Lat I made this painting from a sketch I made from a book. I don’t own the book, so all I can remember is that this lady was a renowned circusrider. And the horse is making a ”capriole” the most spectacular classical high school jump.

    Achelois 🙂 if only I could ride my horse in sidesaddle like that!

    Solomon, Nice… I’m a big fan of Mary Poppins! And I bet she could do it!

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