October 28

Been going trough an old sketchbook, saw a nice sketch of an Appaloosa, and decided to do that one for today’s diary painting. Then I thought I’d start on a black canvas for a change.
I started to make a sketch in white paint, and sort of kept adding to it. Until I thought; ”Hum, that’s sort of finished”. And no room really for the spots on this one. Oh, well, another time then.

That’s always a very important and difficult decision: when to STOP!!!!

White horse for Achelois
Acrylic on canvas
8 Ɨ 8 inch

28 October white horse


  1. Susanne, Thanks!

    Achelois, An Appaloosa is an indian breed, the horses were bred for excellence and colour, many Appaloosa’s have spots.
    Spotted horses were very popular in Europe in the eighteenth century. The Big Bottom horse is the heavy form of one of those ancient breeds, the ”Kladruber”
    It’s dedicated šŸ™‚

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