October 30 and 31

I did do my 0ctober 30 painting, but due to me having dinner with friends and then straight off to a concert, home after 02.00 so I didn’t post it.

barbarian Freedom Call7


Well, here it is,
October 30

A ”glue-brush” painting of a
Frisian stallion
The usual 8 × 8 inch
Oil on canvas

30 october frisian stallion painting

And October 31
tried something new, I dipped a reedpen in diluted oilpaint. I used a mix of terpentine and retouching varnish to dilute it.

Arab horse
8 × 8 inch
Oil on canvas

31 october arabian painting


  1. Is that a rock concert? Never one to withstand blasting noise 🙂 I’m for romantic,gentle and maybe sexy music.

    Beautiful style of painting but I do not know if the 2nd horse would like his/her painting very much.You sure didn’t choose to leave out any wrinkles! 😀

  2. Wow! Aafke, I have seen artists and paintings but I have never seen anyone draw better than you. I’m not saying this because you are friend and sister, but you are really gifted. I love the second one. It is so amazing.

  3. Lat, we always put in earplugs! 😉 I love heavy metal! And everybody at heavy metal concerts is always very poilte and friendly. A great atmosphere!

    But, the beutiful details in the older Arab horse is what makes up their beauty!

    Achelois, Big smile here! 😀

    Solomon, but there are many character studies of horses! 🙂

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