November 4

I seem to be missing a day. No idea what happened here…

Anyway, November 4 is a really tiny cutesy canvas of 4 inches across. This is the two-year old foal my friend S got as a wedding gift. It’s a mixed Lusitano and a wild roaming  Dartmoor pony. You see, they have a small herd of these ponies running wild in some nature reserve, and there is this Lusitano stallion who breaks out once a year, travels a few miles, and has his way with the mares. The result is a number of unwanted mixed offspring.

This foal was one of the reasonably nice ones. It was very wild and scared, and it’s legs are a bit wonky. But my friend S is brilliant with training difficult horses and she is doing wonders with this foal. She has had her for 5 months now and even her legs are getting more straight.

I painted this tiny canvas with the gluebrush, a bit difficult.

November 4


  1. I look at this animal and think, “Clueless.” Ever look at Goya’s painting of the Spanish royal family? link You look closely, and you realize he’s painted a collection of imbeciles. (And then you laugh, because you realize these same imbeciles paid good money for such a portrait!) This is the same feeling.

  2. I know what you mean, they have these blank stares, as they pose in their expensive dresses.
    This was when I saw the phone first. She had only just been taken into a stable for the very first time. It’s high time I see her again, because on the photos I’ve seen of her she is doing very well!

  3. Lat, they’re just horses. But sometimes the cmbination works out very well, and sometimes not so good. Especially if you cross two very different breeds. This is a very cute horse, she’s allready grown a lot and looks very nice. Her legs are a bit wonky but that can happen with any foal.

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