Painted diary 25 October

This is Al Tarq rolling in the sand. I made a sketch of this. I like it so much I maybe doing a large one of this one 🙂
I like keeping it simple. I really like just painting the horse and nothing else. Nothing to distract from the beautiful perfection of line form and movement.

Another colour effect which always fascinates me is the strange purplish reflection dark brown horses have on their coats when they are clean and the sun is shining. It took a lot of guts the first time I really used it; I had just painted a really pretty dark brown mare, and I was probably going to destroy her by adding the purple. It worked out perfectly!
So here I’m giving a try on Al Tarq, who is of course dark brown, and pretty shiny if I put some hard work to it. Not that I get much joy of it because he will immediately try and get dusty again by a good old rolling…
At least he is happy.

Oktober 25
Oil on canvas
7,9 × 7,9 inch

25 Oktober


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