Painted Diary October 24

KrabbeI am working at a large canvas. A portrait of Krabbe. Krabbe is a Lippizaner mare belonging to a friend of mine. I am filming the process of this painting for a YouTube video. But I am also planning a rather extreme simplification. It’s going to be a play of light and dark, and sunlight and reflection.  So while it is a portrait, it is also a play with light, shadow reflection and colour. Although, again, it’s basically black and white. But not really. If you look close you will see all kinds of colours. I decided to try it out on the small canvas of my daily diary. It fits as a diary painting as this big painting is very much upon my mind at the moment.

So here is the 7,9 × 7,9” painting of today 24th of Oktober.  Sold

24 Oktober

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