At the Grand Canyon

We took the shuttle going up, which took quite long, also you had to swich between shuttles. While waiting I noticed the extreme sturdiness of the benches, they were really nicely made, comfortable, and very, very strong!

”Just right for fat Americans” I thought…

And to prove my point, and the fact that ”The Universe will provide..” Two friendly cheerful ladies were provided for a demonstration sketch.



  1. susanne, now I have been shopping here, I have come to the conclusion you can’t fully blame the Americans for being fat. About 90% of the food in the supermarkets is industrialised food, completely denuded of any nutriants, and stuffed with artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. It really makes me sick to see some of the revolting things they’ve invented here for ”eating”
    I now understand where the comment ”Americans are overfed and under-nourished” comes from!
    I feel very lucky we stumbeld first day on a shop which sells lots of cheap vegetables.

    Specs, welcome to my Art blog! 😀

  2. Hahaha!!! The benches are pretty strong all right! 😀
    I’ve always wondered why westerners tend to be sooo big.Now I half know why.But isn’t genetic makeup responsible for the other half?

  3. Lat, no, I think it’s the horrible food which is so abundant in America, It’s only sugars, empty of nutriciants and chemicals, dyes, preservatives. Yuk!

  4. Aafke, you are right about everything you said about the general Americans’ diet. I grew up on that crap and it took me YEARS of hard work and mental focus to ween myself off of it. I think they literally put crack in some of the food over here, it’s amazing how addictive it can be. But the body is an amazing thing. If it is not getting nutrients, it will scream out to eat, eat, eat more. Just doing a fruit and vegetable fast once a month for a week straight will prove that fact. I plan on writing a lot more posts on this topic as well as fitness posts for women (but esp geared towards Muslim women). Our problem is that we are able to hide our indiscretions under our clothes, and we start to let our bodies disappear. It is a big issue with Muslim women. Always putting ourselves last….

    Love the new art blog! Thanks for linking to it.

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