Another sidestep from BIG ART is sewing. I like to make a lot of my own clothes, and since last year I got interested into corsets. A girl from whom I used to buy haberdasheries in the market got me on to it. I brought some materials but I never got around actually making one. But last September I did. (I have been trying to make a decent photo all morning but none of them came out any good)
(so you’ll just have to deal with these rather bad photo’s)
So this is the first one, I used a commercial pattern for it, but I tweaked it around a bit.

And the strange thing is, I love wearing it! Especially if I have a bit of a belly- or back ache! I wanted to finish it for my costume at the sidesaddle competition, (it wasn’t finished in time) There is still a lot left to be desired on this corset.
Anyway, I have made three more! They are all underbusts. I have been experimenting a bit, I made one with the idea it should be usable, comfortable and simple. It is made from two layers of simple black coutil. (coutil is the special fabric you need for making a proper corset)

And then I made this one, which is supposed to be super comfortable, and not constrict breathing when cycling up one of those high bridges in Amsterdam…
It is made of a beautiful flowered Broche, lined with black coutil.

Detail with flossing

And then my super hourglass waisted evening underbust! Made of Chinese brocade, and the busk has little swarovski crystals on the knobs… But the photography wasn’t good enough to capture them.

And I have two more ready to be sewn up! I can’t wait until I am home again and can start working on them!
I am also going to start on making an overbust. 🙂
Who needs tv?


  1. Aafke,
    I love the corsets! ❤ ❤ ❤ I would love to see more of the clothes you've made. They're lovely! Clothing is such a beautiful art, not only the creative design but all the technical parts of it, too, like the stitch & seam type chosen. BTW, judging from the pics, your sewing is quite good!

  2. I’ve been looking over some of your pages and stuff, and wow…are you talented! Busy much? I’m always in awe of someone who is multi-faceted, and you seem to be able to do a little of everything. I envy that. It almost motivates me to start working on my own projects I’ve sat aside.

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