Count Moritzo needs a snack

This was sóóóó funny!
Due to the drought there isn’t that much grass in the meadow. Not that you would notice it by the Tarq’s condition which is extremely good, as per usual. (if not positively American Tourist size). But here was count Moritzo, defenitely in need for a snack, and who to our surprise turned out to be the most gymnastic, most circus-level athletic athlete in the herd.
Count Moritzo wanted the unreachable grass on the other side of the electric fence. So right in front of our eyes he stuck his right front foot out, sank down on his left knee, twisted his head and neck, and started eating away!

And this must be a long practiced habit because ever so easily he stood up, walked two steps and did it again!
I had to paint this!
Even if I had to leave my commission to work on it! (Don’t tell anyone!)

It’s a bigger canvas too: 27.6 by 27.6 inches

Count Moritzo needs a snack
Oil on canvas
27.6” x27.6”


  1. why is the grass on the other side of the fence always greener?
    Even (or almost always) for horses?
    If you try to learn them this movement, also know as The compliment, it takes a lot of time. Of course, the head should be right in front of the horse, but this gentleman is realy pliant.

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