Kill the tv!

I have done something really good! I have thrown out my tv!
I did it three weeks ago, and I haven’t missed it a second!
Which is partly explained by my internet addiction but never mind. My huge big box of a tv is gone, and so have the 200+ videos.
I hate tv-programming, and commercials, but I did like my videos. But still, I feel immensely relieved 😀

And so I have also been cleaning up my stash of panels, frames and miscellaneous… And I found a couple of paintings I had (almost) forgotten.

Once upon a time there was an exhibition in the National Gallery in London, and I went there, it was about Spanish still lives and they almost all have a black background. I loved it! I like black… So I started to do Spanish  still lives, and then I did some other paintings with a black background.

Now bear with me; those black oil paintings are hell to photograph and I didn’t manage it perfectly.

Small white Pegasus
Oil on Panel
5,5” x 7,5”


  1. I love the brush strokes and the almost cloud like fantastical feel against the harshness of the black.

    You are right, oil paint is so hard to photograph. Its so shiny. I’ve found that natural light tends to make it a little less shiny…and photoshop 🙂

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