November 18

Long time ago I was very sad, my pony Mona Lisa had to go, she was way to small for me and she had a mental kink, making it impossible to ride her. She was going back to my Aunt so she would be all right.
But at night I had a bad nightmare… My mom came because she had heard me scream and she told me that somewhere there was a horse for me.

My next dream was about a brown horse, galloping down a grassy slope.
I remembered thinking, ”Oh, no, not a brown one, I want a black one!”
I then forgot about the dream.

Some months later I met the love of my life, Cartouche.
Who happened to be a brown mare, and a year later I remembered having this dream…

Acrylic on canvas
9” × 9”


  1. Sometimes dreams get fulfilled that way. I too have had my dreams fulfilled sometimes. I like your paintings – your observation of the figure of horeses show you truly love the animal.

  2. Yes, it’s called ”being horse-mad”!!!

    The story didn’t end, The dreamhorse turned out to be my horse Cartouche who made my life a very happy one, and my dreams come true!

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