The horse fair

This morning I went to the village of Zuidlaaren. Every year, people from all over Europe flock to Zuidlaaren to sell and buy horses.
When you go you should go very early in the morning, Before 07.00. And it is usually very cold so you should get all your winterstuff out and wear it in layers! I bring a fresh sketchbook and a couple of soft pencils (The soft pencils get a lot harder in the cold)

When I arrived (before 07.00) it was still dark

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art

Check out the murderous candy! There is a fair attached to the horse fair and many people spend the whole night there, going on the rides and doing the rounds of the café’s. I always preferred to sleep early and be comparatively fresh when setting out for a hard days work.


Now there are a lot of really ugly, badly built horses. And horses which aren’t quite healthy, But then they are one of the reasons I like to sketch at the fair. And every year I fall for one of these horses! If I had some money I would probably take one home with me!

So… Wanna see ”The Artist at Work?”

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art 14

zuidlaardermarkt Horse fair art sketch10


  1. You can draw a horse just standing there with your sketchbook! And you even had an audience! How cool!! 😀
    The fair seems great with so much eye catching candies.Just awesome!

  2. LAt, Actually it is very interesting to see yourself working! I am glad my friend made these videos of me 🙂
    You know, I don’t notice most of the people looking over my shoulder! Now I see it on video I realise most people actually take a peek!

    They always make the same joke on this fair, since many years… ”Don’t put me in it” ”Are painting the horse or the man?” ”He sould get paid for having his picture taken” To the last one I always answer: “”He should pay me for the privilege of having his horse drawn”
    There’s a lot of laughter…

    Ah, you’re more interested in the candy…..

  3. I love it ! A video! You ARE real after all! LOL.

    I loved your “half-niqab” btw. I always knew you secretly loved them. Ha.

    I used to draw in public all of the time, but people would always stop to talk and I would never get anything done. I miss doing it. I keep telling my oldest girl that I’m going to take her out with her pastels for a mommy and daughter drawing day. I should do it before the snow falls here, thanks for giving me inspiration. I’d love to see a video of you while you are PAINTING.

    BTW, just LOVE your beautiful red hair. Of course, I’m biased. 😉

  4. Yes! I am real!
    Sabiwabi, the colder it gets, the more ”islamically” I dress. 🙂
    But conversly… the hotter it gets….. 😈

    Oh yes, do go out with your daughter! What a lovely idea! I used to do a lot of work with pastels when I was young!

    I am working on a video of me painting
    Right now 😀

    Why are you biased to red hair?
    Not that I mind 🙂

  5. Your art always knocks me out. I have always wanted to be artistically incline or musical. I love both, but I guess I have to be happy with appreciating them because I am no good at them.

    I was wondering what your favourite artists are? I am a HUGE JW Waterhouse fan and one of the highlights of my museum going in the UK was to see The Lady of Shalot and other Waterhouse paintings in person.

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