1. Hahahaaaaa, it’s just a test! I will be placing works in progress here, or talk about finished works, or about what I have been up to.
    It’s Q’s favorite painting!
    Thank you for commenting, and welcome to my art-blog 😀

  2. WoooooooW! So Beautiful! You did this! The horse almost looks real….if only it can move!

    The colours of the horizon is a bit confusing.Is it the sun setting that causing the change? It’s my fav painting too…..unless you come up with something better! 😀

  3. Lat, Yes, the colours are meant to be a bit confusing, I myself think the sun is setting.
    But the great thing about art is, that although it’s the world as seen through my eyes, it’s also your eyes which can make it different again! So the colours are whatever you want them to be.

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