Daily painting: R’lyeh

In R’lyeh, where dead Cthulhu dreams

Oil on Panel, 6” x 6”


Have you read H P Lovecraft? I like his stories. Many are about ”the old ones”, creatures from other worlds, from the stars, the Yog-Shoggoths and Cthulhu. He’s always very coy about describing the creepy. It’s always ”the un-namable” ”the un-describable horror” and I think a horror story is always the better for a bit of reticence.
He also likes the word ”eldritch” a lot.

The ancient city of R’lyeh lies somewhere under the sea near Antarctica. It is constructed of strangely worked stones build in ”strange angles”. And somewhere below that city dead Cthulhu sleeps, and when he wakes up we are all pretty much doomed.
The first time the city of R’lyeh was mentioned was in ”The Call of Cthulhu”.

Dallas in the heat of summer

It’s really hot in Dallas. People tell me it could be hotter but I find it difficult to deal with. This view of the Dallas skyline hopefully expresses the heat. We were at the Dallas Heritage Village, an open air museum and very interesting, but it was very very hot.
I mean really hot!

Oil on painter’s board

6” by 6”


Daily Painting: The adorable Huck

Huck is an Australian shepherd. He is adorable and a master in manipulating people. He has some psychic power which forces me to give him treats. He does not like bananas, he thinks bananas are offensive! He is on the same flyball team as my Antar and I feel good when we race behind the Huck because he is very reliable. Huck can also look very regal as you see here.

This is Huck at White Rock Lake. I had an Italian, renaissance style portrait in mind. Something like this:


The lake and background were just right. And Huck had the correct regal look.
What do you think?


Oil on panel
6” by 6”

Daily painting: Le Chateau des Chats

Well, not quite a ”daily painting”, this one took three days. Architecture is a lot of work, and this one is complicated as well. But I really love architecture. From rococo to Mies van der Rohe. (Now that is an idea… a zebra in the Barcelona pavilion). I love this little building, and while I was painting the cats kept popping up, and ended up on the painting.¬† And you will have to imagine that inside the pavilion is filled with small velvet cat-couches, and cats lounging about…

This is painted in oil on canvas painters board, it’s a ”tondo”, a circular shaped painting.


Dallas sunset

I have seen some spectacular sunsets here in Dallas.
Here’s one, # 2 in the ”36 views of the Dallas Skyline”
Part of my ”(almost) daily painting” project.

Oil on panel
6” by 6”


A rare rainy day in Dallas

New project, some of the ”Daily Paintings” are going to show the Dallas skyline, and I plan on making 36 of them. Yes, just like Hokusai’s very famous, ”36 views of mount Fuji” (of which there are 46). Anyway, here is the very first of them:

A rare rainy day in Dallas
oil on panel
6” by 6”

Daily painting: Tea bowl and natsume

I don’t think I have been bantering yet about studying Chado have I? The Japanese tea ceremony is not really a ceremony, in Japan it’s ”Water for tea”, and that’s all it is. But there is so much to be done in making hot water and a perfect bowl of tea! The same tea can taste different depending on who makes it.
It is very relaxing and meditative. It makes you very aware of your movements, how you handle things, and what you are doing. I see it as part of my art training.

Here is my daily painting; a raku tea bowl, a ”spinning top” natsume, which holds the powdered tea, and they are standing on a folded antique fukusa, a cover for gifts.

Oil on panel, 6” by 6”


This was fun to paint, I wanted to show spontaneity, rather than an obsessive focus on perfection. Although the raku bowl is pretty spot on!
Isn’t that little horse adorable? I fell in love with this bowl on first sight. It reminds me of my own ”happy horse” from the ”13 horses” art book. It is also reminds me a bit of the ”White horse of Uffington”, which I have seen both by walking on the hill and from the sky.


Happy horse, typographic print with antique lettering and hand colouring.