Daily painting: R’lyeh

In R’lyeh, where dead Cthulhu dreams

Oil on Panel, 6” x 6”


Have you read H P Lovecraft? I like his stories. Many are about ”the old ones”, creatures from other worlds, from the stars, the Yog-Shoggoths and Cthulhu. He’s always very coy about describing the creepy. It’s always ”the un-namable” ”the un-describable horror” and I think a horror story is always the better for a bit of reticence.
He also likes the word ”eldritch” a lot.

The ancient city of R’lyeh lies somewhere under the sea near Antarctica. It is constructed of strangely worked stones build in ”strange angles”. And somewhere below that city dead Cthulhu sleeps, and when he wakes up we are all pretty much doomed.
The first time the city of R’lyeh was mentioned was in ”The Call of Cthulhu”.

Antar at his first flyball competition

I can’t believe I didn’t post this at the time! fact is, Antar’s his first official flyball competition was a great success! We had a wonderful time, lots of fun, and Antar did really well! Of course that is to be expected from a Fekete Kutya, but en verité, I am still all excited and rosy when I remember. Everything was good, we camped out. Antar had fun racing. nice friends, our team is the best, but we had a lot of fun in the evening with the other team’s members who also are the best!
Of course lots of amazing dogs besides Antar!


Antar has to get his paws wrapped. It looks funny, you usually do that on a horse, but why on a dog?
As you can see on the drawing,this is the wrapping after a race:
that black dot is where the small pad  gets rubbed on the mats, and if he didn’t wear the wraps they would have been bloody! That’s what happens if a Fekete Kutya goes flat out!


A couple of people were going to stay in tents, so I brought my super mini trekking tent. The Eureka Moonshadow.
It was Antar’s first time sleeping in a tent. Which meant that we didn’t sleep a lot. There was also a massive thunderstorm. It was expected, so we all set up underneath a large open barn, which turned out pretty good.

Here you see my mattress, me and Antar…   And how that works out in the real world….


Memo to self: need a larger tent and mattress…..

The second day Antar got to race in the team! He got even more excited in the team! It’s more complicated though. Luckily coach was right next to us to keep and eye on us and tell me what to do when. Antar did great.
Except for the Fekete Kutya victory lap at the end of the last race, but he had passed the finish line so the race was officially over so it didn’t matter.
Except for me looking like a bad dog trainer.
Not everybody understands the challenges of training a Fekete Kutya.


The Lonely Moonlight Walk, daily painting

A watercolor for today. I love peacocks, white peacocks especially.

I am trying out new techniques for water color painting. I used frisket for the first time, masking fluid, you paint that stuff temporarily, paint over it and then you rub it off. Your watercolor paper comes out white. Very interesting and fun.

So here it is: ”The lonely moonlight walk”, aquarelle on paper, 4” x 8”


At the Dallas Aquarium, the finished oil painting!

At The Dallas Aquarium or why you should stop playing with your smartphone and pay attention
At The Dallas Aquarium
or why you should stop playing with your smartphone and pay attention

So this is the real thing, I brought a HUGE canvas, it’s 2 meter by 1,5 meter. That’s 80” by 60” in inches.

I usually start of with a grisaille base painting.

At the Dallas Aquarium sketch
At the Dallas Aquarium sketch

For lack of an easel, (my stuff had not arrived yet) I hung the painting on the wall. Not ideal, but it worked. I had different sizes of steps to reach different parts of the canvas. Luckily I didn’t fall off any of them, although there have been some close calls! Unlike the water color sketch I now started out with working on the Water world. This is because oil paint is a different medium,  so requires a different approach. I really wanted the colors to stand out, and of course the foreground had to stand out really crisp and sharp so had to be finished last.


So here it is: the finished painting. it’s official title is:

At the Dallas Aquarium

Or why you should stop playing with your smartphone and pay attention

1-aMy stepdaughter and her daughter gazing at the underwater miracles.

I really love this painting. It was a lot of work and took a lot of time. But I think the monumental size works very well for the subject, And the subject… only very rarely does one get such a special vision, something so unique. it really happens only every ten years maybe.