The Island mosque at Jeddah

I painted this for Safiyyah, who donated big time to get Carol’s cats home.
It is the Island mosque at Jeddah which I think is very beautiful in it’s simplicity, and in the sea.
One of these places you long to be at…


  1. Aafke, is this one of yours? [link to other blog]
    Edit, incorrect link removed
    the link referred to a painting on another blog which has been removed

  2. So that’s why I thought it was yours.

    Will you now combine a horse in the foreground with a mosque in the background, sort of like an equine Christina’s World?

  3. I painted this. All paintings on this blog are mine. The comment you refer to was an answer to Solomon2’s comment (right above mine) about another painting published on another bloggers site.

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