February 23

Oil on canvas
9” x 9”

So I haven’t been home a lot lately… I have been two weekends in Amsterdam staying with a friend, and visiting another friend, M.
M has a totally cute and mega-intelligent and talented daughter. She is 6 years old and makes beautiful photographs. She let me upload some on my computer and I willl be using some of them for paintings. So this is the cat Pom. She is really very cute, but there was this funny photo…. Which just begged to be converted in a funny portrait šŸ™‚

I went all bold and graphic, instead of my usual attention to detail. I am really enjoying myself experimenting with these small paintings!


    1. Hi Steven, welcome to my blog.
      How funny you have a cat just like this! i though Pom was unique šŸ™‚
      No I am sorry, this one is sold, however, you can send me a picture of your cat and I can make a portrait, or diary picture of him/her.
      The diary pictures are 6”by 6” acrylic on canvas and cost only ā‚¬80,- For a proper portrait I have to ask more; starting from ā‚¬150,-

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