1. This is beautiful and somewhat Oriental! There seems to be a similarity with the style of Muhammad Abdur-Rehman Chughtai, who lived in Lahore in Pakistan and used to paint on Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim themes till 1947, when the Indian Sub-continent was partitioned. He remained in Lahore and because his Indian clientele was lost, he began to paint only themes taken from the Islamic world as that’s what his clients wanted from him. But his pre-Partition paintings are a common heritage for India and Pakistan. Some of his paintings are in the National gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

    You can see some samples here – http://www.indiapicks.com/Indianart/Main/Chughtai_Gallery.htm

    Look at his Laila – her full-covering somehow looks very graceful, not like what we see today! There is a mosque in the background, not seen in this image.

  2. Great work! I especially like this painting as there is certain serenity to it. I pray Carol has a full recovery. She’s such a lovely, caring lady. I don’t think I could deal with such difficulties as well as she does.

  3. Extremely BEAUTIFUL ART!..

    I am a FAN..

    I love horses. Been riding since I was a child.

    Wish you could draw me one with an arab Knight on it. Will make it my logo!

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