This is my diary in paints. Besides my other work I plan to make one small painting a day. The paintings will be like a blog, about whatever keeps me busy, whatever I am thinking about.
This will be a tough assignment.
All paintings will be posted on this page. They are for sale, I will open an E-bay store for easy selling. Prices will be around €80,-/ €90,-

I am setting up an E-bay store.
Through the E-bay store you can pay using a credit card, and have the assurance of an official shop.
Also, as art is very time consuming work, it tends to be expensive. The price of most of my larger painting does run into several thousand dollars.

I know many people cannot afford the high prices my art should make, so I am using the diary paintings to give people the opportunity to acquire an original artwork for very little money.


October 26

Last spring holiday, when Tarq and I went to a ponycamp with my friends,  two huge kladruber draft horses were stabled there as well. My friend J raved about their huge bottoms!
As it happened I have been mailing quite a lot with J recently, So here’s for J:


Oil on canvas
7,9 × 7,9 inch

26 Oktober

October 25 sold

This is Al Tarq rolling in the sand. I made a sketch of this. I like it so much I maybe doing a large one of this one :)
I like keeping it simple. I really like just painting the horse and nothing else. Nothing to distract from the beautiful perfection of line form and movement.

Another colour effect which always fascinates me is the strange purplish reflection dark brown horses have on their coats when they are clean and the sun is shining. It took a lot of guts the first time I really used it; I had just painted a really pretty dark brown mare, and I was probably going to destroy her by adding the purple. It worked out perfectly!
So here I’m giving a try on Al Tarq, who is of course dark brown, and pretty shiny if I put some hard work to it. Not that I get much joy of it because he will immediately try and get dusty again by a good old rolling…
At least he is happy.

Oktober 25
Oil on canvas
7,9 × 7,9 inch

25 Oktober

October 24 Sold

KrabbeI am working at a large canvas. A portrait of Krabbe. Krabbe is a Lippizaner mare belonging to a friend of mine. I am filming the process of this painting for a YouTube video. But I am also planning a rather extreme simplification. It’s going to be a play of light and dark, and sunlight and reflection.  So while it is a portrait, it is also a play with light, shadow reflection and colour. Although, again, it’s basically black and white. But not really. If you look close you will see all kinds of colours. I decided to try it out on the small canvas of my daily diary. It fits as a diary painting as this big painting is very much upon my mind at the moment.

So here is the 9 × 9” painting of today 24th of October:

24 Oktober

October 23

Oil on canvas
20 ×20 cm
7,9 × 7,9 inch

I am working on a portrait of a frisian horse, and for my diary painting I looked at my sketchbook and decided to try one of the sketches in oils. I also used a very hard bristles brush, the ones I don’t like and use for glueing book-covers ;)
It was surprisingly interesting to paint with, and made for a bold stroke, yet with some delicate details!

23 Oktober