So I was getting along fine, I had brought oil paints this time and I almost finished but I had to get back to the Netherlands. Another problem is that I haven’t been able to score some normal white spirit yet. Everything I have brought in America smells really nasty and gives me a bad throat ache. It must be very unhealthy :(  The stuff I brought was expensive too! The effect is that I really can’t paint for longer than three hours, and then I need some fresh air.

So this was the start, in acrylic:

And then I painted the thunder clouds, the pegasus is going to be black

But the pegasus is only in the ground layer. So it looks a bit flat still. As per usual I got some paint from the lightning on my sleeve and smeared it over the sky. I already managed to clean that up. pffffff!

Now this is fun! I used ”auto color correction” on my photo, and this is almost how it’s supposed to look when it is finished!

I’m glad I noticed those white blotches and could remove them, imagine I noticed them only now! Anyway, it’s really funny to see what I had in mind about this painting after the ”auto adjust”! Now I will ahve to wait to really finish it until I am back in America.

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