This aquarelle has been painted to celebrate our successful rally to collect the money needed to bring a dear friend’s cats back to her.
Carol had to leave her cats behind as she and her husband left Riyad for Houston to continue his cancer treatment. Carol is now battling her own cancer and she misses her cats very much.
Over a period of three days we managed to get the funds together to bring her her old friends, and of course many people in America and Saudi Arabia have put in lots of work to get the cats the chips, vaccinations and travel papers they need.
I was planning to made a small pencil sketch (I did those late at night) to update people on how far we got. In the end only three days sufficed and I made only two sketches.

As we succeeded in collecting the money needed I celebrated with this sketch, which is used to illustrate the post announcing our success.
The two cats, Tripod and Saheeba will arrive in America next Saturday!

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